I flew to Chicago this weekend.  I was killing a couple of birds with one stone.  I have been helping a local small business out here for several years, and we’re trying to find new ways to market and sell the product.  I also have a good friend in California who is also a small business owner and was on the fence on whether or not to attend the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago this weekend.  So we decided to go together.  I could learn from her and other small business owners there, and I could gauge response to a sample of our product that I took out there.

Obviously, since it was a motorcycle show, there were many veterans and even a booth from the VA.  I didn’t go out there with any intent to solicit submissions for the book, but once I saw so many of them wandering around I saw that I’d be stupid not to take advantage of the opportunity put in front of me.  The VA rep loved my idea, and gave me some names to reach out to in order to spread the word in the Chicago area.  I met some pre-Vietnam era vets, one of whom got a speeding ticket in Germany.  He says he still has it and will take a photo and send it to me.

It was pretty exciting to talk to vets face-to-face and to see their reaction to the idea in person.  I know we’re onto something with this.  It needs to happen and I need your help, send the photos and stories, please!